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The end of combustion – a happy ending?

We have many reasons to change our energy consumption behavior and replace fossil fuels. However, even alternative energy sources have their drawbacks. Hydrogen is a hot topic, but its large-scale production and storage pose challenges....

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Pathways to sustainable innovations

Throughout the industrial history of mankind, we have created new innovations based on the techno-economic point of view or paradigm. In the early seventies, Club of Rome published a report called The Limits to Growth....


Execution challenges in circular and bioeconomy investment projects – Profitability and safety risks

Climate change and population growth have been hot topics in the media recently. The overwhelming consensus is that the time has come for resource wisdom and carbon neutrality. Finally, the so-called cowboy economy, where natural...


Why should you conduct a 3D environmental evaluation?

Product design that takes the environment into consideration limits environmental effects and creates responsible business. The success of products is increasingly relying on including a lifecycle evaluation in the design processes.  (more…)

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