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Pathways to sustainable innovations

Throughout the industrial history of mankind, we have created new innovations based on the techno-economic point of view or paradigm. In the early seventies, Club of Rome published a report called The Limits to Growth....

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One’s waste is another’s resource

Our economy is based on disposable goods and fossil energy sources, but new methods are constantly evolving. The ideals of circular economy is that there is basically no waste – only repurposed materials and active...

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Reducing food waste a matter of urgency

Globally about 1300 million tonnes of food is discarded as waste every year. This clearly has detrimental financial, social and ecological implications. In order to preserve natural resources and live sustainable lifestyles the reduction of...


Towards more environmentally friendly products

According to a recent responsibility survey conducted by communications agency Miltton in Finland, three out of four Finns are willing to pay higher prices for responsibly produced products or services.     (more…)


Sustainability by Design

An increasing number of businesses are being challenged by their stakeholders regarding sustainability. In a world where businesses are facing intense challenges driven by growing complexities in their operations and compliances, demand is growing for...


Sustainability-driven engineering – A paradigm shift

Challenges regarding the sustainability of technologies and consumption are reported on a daily basis in the press. These challenges act as drivers for change and include, among others, climate change, plastic pollution in the oceans...

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