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Ship simulation in rough seas

The Elomatic technical analysis team has been developing and testing the methods for ship hydrodynamics simulation in rough seas. The ships sail most of the time in wave conditions which differ from the specified promised...


Why Digital Prototype?

Elomatic and Devecto have developed a method to combine the 3D world and the physics model of a machine together into a realistic digital prototype. In this article, our guest writer Karl-Kristian Högstrom will talk...

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XR Technologies – Bold steps to new realities

The simulation of reality has developed vastly in the last decade, and the pace of the development is in­creasing. Virtual and augmented reality have become buzzwords and artificial intelligence (AI) is shaping up to change...


Simulation of deflagration in exhaust systems – An application of CFD in safety engineering

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is being increasingly used in safety engineering to simulate toxic gas dispersion, fires, and explosions. Experimental studies in this area are dangerous, difficult, and expensive. They are also often confined to...

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Computational Electromagnetics – simulating the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields



Fatigue testing of drill rig boom

Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy and Elomatic Ltd together designed a fatigue-testing device for a drill rig boom. (more…)


Digital Twin, I and Opportunities

About a month ago I bought a new GPS running watch. The watch has many features to track your training and how you sleep. One of the new features compared to my old watch was that the user...

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