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Using games to enhance learning

The Internet and computing technology have changed our lives forever. With them they have brought an increased awareness that traditional learning methods no longer suffice. There is strong and growing demand for new learning methods...

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In search of power network reliability

It is of utmost importance for owners and operators of electrical networks to always have up-to-date and accurate knowledge regarding the status and safety of their networks. According to new directives and standards they are...

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Risk-based validation – knowing what and how much to validate

In times of increased competitiveness and ever more stringent regulatory directives and norms, pharmaceutical companies have to continually optimize their operations; reduce operating costs and increase efficiency. An effective risk-based validation approach saves time and...

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Ship operability analysis – ensuring passenger safety and comfort

Passenger and crew safety are primary concerns in modern shipbuilding. In addition to continued strong cruise industry growth, shipowners pay special attention to passenger and crew comfort, enjoyment on-board and smooth operation. This places limits...

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