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Digital security in industry – Vulnerabilities in industrial control systems

With the digital revolution in society, security concerns are becoming increasingly prominent. Digitalisation remains, however, an opportunity above all else. This article briefly introduces Digital Security Theory and presents SAFESCAN, a digital security vulnerability assessment...


EPCM Projects: A blueprint for success

The EPCM* model is commonly used in new industrial investments and plant expansion and modernisation projects. In the EPCM model, the consultant takes care of planning the implementation of the investment project, procurement, construction and...

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The risk of assuming – upgrading product design to meet customer needs

Product development often entails facelifts of previous projects and occasionally the design of completely new products from nothing. What are the key decisions that the design is based on? When a deadline is breathing down...

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Risk-based validation – knowing what and how much to validate

In times of increased competitiveness and ever more stringent regulatory directives and norms, pharmaceutical companies have to continually optimize their operations; reduce operating costs and increase efficiency. An effective risk-based validation approach saves time and...

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