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The risk of assuming – upgrading product design to meet customer needs

Product development often entails facelifts of previous projects and occasionally the design of completely new products from nothing. What are the key decisions that the design is based on? When a deadline is breathing down...


Innovation: an interdisciplinary team effort – case: urban farming

Elomatic FEI team members Mika Patrakka (right) and Jukka Mikkonen in their workshop. (more…)


Fatigue testing of drill rig boom

Sandvik Mining and Construction Oy and Elomatic Ltd together designed a fatigue-testing device for a drill rig boom. (more…)


Why should you conduct a 3D environmental evaluation?

Product design that takes the environment into consideration limits environmental effects and creates responsible business. The success of products is increasingly relying on including a lifecycle evaluation in the design processes.  (more…)

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