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Visualization in passenger vessel design – Virtual world gaining on physical

Visualization is an incredibly versatile concept, and with new and evolving technology, it is safe to say that the usage of visualization will only increase and diversify further. It has the potential to become a superior tool of communication...


Fuel savings through hydrodynamic improvements

A typical cargo ship that operates 24 h/day and 300 days a year uses about 95 % of its energy for propulsion. Fuel consumption for propulsion is 28 800 ton-MGO/year/ship, which translates to annual fuel expenses of...


The ballast water issue cannot be wished away – here’s why

The same questions and claims regularly come up when talking about ballast water and its treatment. “Ballast water has been transported ever since ships were invented”, or “The invasive species have already been transported so...


Sulphur Emissions – Does one ship pollute as much as 50 million cars?

A recent eye-catching headline that did the rounds in LinkedIn’s marine community suggested that one ship emits as much sulphur as 50 million cars. Another frequently seen statement is that the sixteen worst offending vessels...

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