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Hydrogen Fuel in Maritime Use

The introduction of renewable energy is a major step to improve the local and global environment and bring down costs universally around all industries. The pursuit of green energy has caused a tidal wave of...


Fuel cells

The marine industry is well-known to be a significant source of harmful local (NOx, SOx and particulates) and global (mainly CO2 and CH4) emissions. The high emissions are a result of the traditional low grade...


Cleaner marine fossil fuels – Do they exist?

The ongoing pandemic has taken a significant toll on people across the world beyond anyone’s imagination. However, if there is something positive to take from this terrible crisis, it could be the welcome change of...


Why use fuel when there is electricity? – Combustion engines vs battery power

Why use fuel when we have electricity?” is a question one hears from time to time. It is mostly asked humorously, with several variants doing the rounds: “fuel” can be replaced with “coal”, “nuclear” and...

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