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The end of combustion – a happy ending?

We have many reasons to change our energy consumption behavior and replace fossil fuels. However, even alternative energy sources have their drawbacks. Hydrogen is a hot topic, but its large-scale production and storage pose challenges....

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Ammonia fuel for carbon-free shipping?

The maritime industry often ranks high when comparing global greenhouse gas emitters. But when measured by tonnage of transported goods, the benefit of the global shipping industry becomes even more apparent. Energy demands on the...

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Biogas – renewable energy at its best

The popularity of biogas as a form of renewable energy has increased at a great pace in Finland during the last decade. Pioneering small-scale innova­tions have over time grown into industrial operations and the demand...

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Looking for a silver bullet, or, how to make the world carbon neutral by 2050?

The European Union, the United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea and over 110 other countries have committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2050 and China has set the same goal for 2060 [1]. The United States...

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One’s waste is another’s resource

Our economy is based on disposable goods and fossil energy sources, but new methods are constantly evolving. The ideals of circular economy is that there is basically no waste – only repurposed materials and active...

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Hydrogen Fuel in Maritime Use

The introduction of renewable energy is a major step to improve the local and global environment and bring down costs universally around all industries. The pursuit of green energy has caused a tidal wave of...

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Stopping offshore lifting

Offshore constructions are in new growth where the traditional oil & gas foundation applications are now expanded to the energy industry. The global warming is abated in many ways, the oil & gas industry is...


Fuel cells

The marine industry is well-known to be a significant source of harmful local (NOx, SOx and particulates) and global (mainly CO2 and CH4) emissions. The high emissions are a result of the traditional low grade...

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Getting rid of coal

Elomatic/TAMK proposal to Helsinki Energy Challenge The phasing out of coal-fired powerplants by 2029 in Finland and the government’s pledge to become carbon neutral by 2035 poses challenges to the district heating system, where the...

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Is the hydrogen future here already?

The world is in urgent need of fossil-free energy in order to abate global warming. There is no single solution available and it is likely that different applications with different solutions will need to be...

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