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Tool for developing the operations of industry and energy companies — Managing the energy future™

The energy market is currently experiencing a major transformation that will have a significant impact on both the energy industry and industrial business operations in the future. In the future, an industrial operator may be...

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Getting rid of coal

Elomatic/TAMK proposal to Helsinki Energy Challenge The phasing out of coal-fired powerplants by 2029 in Finland and the government’s pledge to become carbon neutral by 2035 poses challenges to the district heating system, where the...

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Determining the least-cost district heating alternatives

International financial institutions (IFIs) play a major role in social and economic development programs in developing and transition economies such as Belarus, Kyrgyz Republic, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. This role includes project development, project funding and...

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Modern flue gas scrubbers – significant improvements in the profitability of bioenergy heating plants

There are many reasons why flue gas scrubber technology should be used. One of the most important is the financial benefits it brings. An immeasurable amount of fully utilisable thermal energy vanishes into the sky...

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