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Energy crisis or growing pains?

The options for solving the energy crisis have been known for a long time – now the actual solving of the issues should take priority. In Finland, the forest industry produces a large portion of...

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How secure is our energy supply?

As we struggle to find our way out of fossil-based fuels, the need for sustainable electricity grows day by day. But there are still challenges in low-carbon energy production, particularly with energy distribution and high...


Electrification of industry is the way to carbon neutrality

The electrification of industry is an important element in reducing greenhouse emissions, and the role of heat pumps is central in this development. It is particularly important to look at things from a broader perspective...

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The end of combustion – a happy ending?

We have many reasons to change our energy consumption behavior and replace fossil fuels. However, even alternative energy sources have their drawbacks. Hydrogen is a hot topic, but its large-scale production and storage pose challenges....

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Biogas is a climate friendly solution that Finland now needs

The war in Ukraine has led to a situation where we should be able to move away from Russian natural gas on short notice. Biogas is the quickest sustainable alternative, as its implementation does not...

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How to improve the profitability of biogas projects?

In order to improve the profitability of biogas projects, it is important to develop the entire production value chain. The end product should meet an adequate degree of refinement, and a market should be found...


Concept and preliminary design of energy efficiency measures – Turning optimisation suggestions into reality

Energy efficiency audits often generate good efficiency optimisation recommendations, but these are rarely developed into a form that allows practical implementation. The actual investment is clouded in many uncertainties that require clarification, even if the...


New generation of energy efficiency audits – tools for large companies

In recent years energy efficiency audits have been at a turning point in large companies. In many places they have been conducted at least once according to the Motiva model, in addition to which, the...

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