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How secure is our energy supply?

As we struggle to find our way out of fossil-based fuels, the need for sustainable electricity grows day by day. But there are still challenges in low-carbon energy production, particularly with energy distribution and high...

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Fast developing 3D printing is one solution to component shortage

3D printing as technology is young and relatively unknown, which is why it isn’t yet fully utilized. The method is, however, developing at a fast pace and should not be ignored, even in the light...

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Tool for developing the operations of industry and energy companies — Managing the energy future™

The energy market is currently experiencing a major transformation that will have a significant impact on both the energy industry and industrial business operations in the future. In the future, an industrial operator may be...


Is burning water profitable?

In Finland we have seen decades of research regarding the benefits of drying woodchips for use as fuel in biomass heat generation. Drying seems reasonable, but has its use reached the end of the road?...


Bottlenecks and challenges in processing energy efficiency data

There is currently much talk about machine learning and artificial intelligence but unfortunately, at industrial plant floor level, things seem to have remained in another decade. The further we move from the core process, the...

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Radiative cooling from the sky – ongoing research points to significant energy savings

The sky should not only be seen as a potential source of energy in the form of sunlight, but also as a low-temperature reservoir for cooling. This cooling can be obtained through a longwave radiative...


Concept and preliminary design of energy efficiency measures – Turning optimisation suggestions into reality

Energy efficiency audits often generate good efficiency optimisation recommendations, but these are rarely developed into a form that allows practical implementation. The actual investment is clouded in many uncertainties that require clarification, even if the...


New generation of energy efficiency audits – tools for large companies

In recent years energy efficiency audits have been at a turning point in large companies. In many places they have been conducted at least once according to the Motiva model, in addition to which, the...

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