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Finding the full potential of CFD

CFD, or Computational Fluid Dynamics, is a method that is often utilized only for the post-design phase, although it is very well suited for wider and efficient use throughout the design process. Optimal use of...

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Virtual Mill: New opportunities for plant design, training and maintenance with virtual models

Virtual models of production plants offer significant benefits at all stages of a plant’s lifecycle. From the visualisation of a plant design to streamline the construction process to a digital twin serving alongside an operational...


Why Digital Prototype?

Elomatic and Devecto have developed a method to combine the 3D world and the physics model of a machine together into a realistic digital prototype. In this article, our guest writer Karl-Kristian Högstrom will talk...

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Data analytics and AI technologies: Tools for technical consultancy

Running an industrial manufacturing operation is a massive undertaking consisting of complicated and intertwined processes. Managing each area well is crucial in running a successful business. One of these processes is data collection and management,...

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Data collection and analyses in the marine environment

In recent years, much noise has been made about digitalisation in the marine sector. The related devel­opment areas include, among others, autonomous navigation and steering for ships, as well as more ad­vanced ship automation systems...


Digital Twin, I and Opportunities

About a month ago I bought a new GPS running watch. The watch has many features to track your training and how you sleep. One of the new features compared to my old watch was that the user...

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