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Ventilation simulation

The Washington Post reported on April 25, 2020 that the Covid-19 coronavirus had infected passengers and crew on at least 55 ships, about a fifth of the total global fleet of cruise ships (Washington Post,...

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CADMATIC global work sharing

Overcoming remote work challenges on design and engineering projects The Covid-19 pandemic has seen unprecedented restrictions on human movement, with many governments around the world urging citizens to work from home where possible. For design...

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Remote control

ICT considerations in setting up and managing remote work For a long time, organisations have used the option of remote work to lure new employees. Are they, however, able to take full advantage of remote...

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Covid-19 sparks medical device boom – sheds light on device requirements

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the whole world to a practical standstill, while healthcare is operating just beyond its limits. Currently, there are not enough health care staff to treat all Covid-19 patients as well...

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Protecting the vulnerable against infectious diseases

Residential care homes and units for supported living are facing a very difficult situation in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Generally, care home inhabitants are the most vulnerable to the virus, and care homes...

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Ensuring availability of critical goods

Balancing production capacity requires incentives The Covid-19 outbreak changed the world with very little notice. The demand of especially critical PPE skyrocketed and the search for already suitable medicines led to increased demand in cases...

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Remote Work

Best practice and practical experience: an HR perspective Covid-19 has seen exponential growth in the number of employees working from home. From a human resources management perspective, this brings fresh challenges. What is best practice...

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