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New fiber from textile waste – Elomatic helps Infinited Fiber Company in their important mission

Infinited Fiber Company’s technology is globally unique. Thanks to it, textile waste can be transformed into high-quality fiber for the use in the textile industry. Elomatic has played a key role in building and developing...

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Towards a circular economy with multiple-product biorefineries

A biorefinery can produce multiple products from biomass in the same way an oil-based refinery refines crude oil into fuels and chemicals. The same chemical building blocks that are currently derived from oil can be...


The Circular Economy – Best Available Techniques

Moving towards a circular economy is a long-term goal of the EU and seen as an essential contribution to the efforts to develop a sustainable, low carbon, resource-efficient and competitive economy.     (more…)


Execution challenges in circular and bioeconomy investment projects – Profitability and safety risks

Climate change and population growth have been hot topics in the media recently. The overwhelming consensus is that the time has come for resource wisdom and carbon neutrality. Finally, the so-called cowboy economy, where natural...

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