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Six reed nests for Saimaa ringed seals on Lake Haukivesi

Author Jukka Mikkonen
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Common reed collected last winter from Lake Tuusula was used in February 2018 to build six artificial nests on Lake Haukivesi. The nests are a continuation of trials conducted in conjunction with the Saimaa ringed seal LIFE project, which is studying how common reed nests can be used to safeguard Saimaa ringed seal nesting during winters of low snowfall.

Elomatic’s innovation team had the pleasure of building the nests alongside Metsähallitus and University of Eastern Finland experts. Under their guidance, ideas and solutions have been brainstormed to mitigate the challenges faced by Saimaa ringed seals in conditions where there is now show or ice. Elomatic’s innovation team is committed to finding solutions to these challenges.

Pictures: Jukka Mikkonen.









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Jukka Mikkonen

B.I.D. (Industrial Design) - Jukka Mikkonen has worked as an industrial designer and industrial design manager for 20 years. During his career he has participated in over one hundred industrial design and product development projects in design and management roles. Mikkonen joined Elomatic in 2011 at works at the Elomatic Helsinki office where he is the Industrial Design Manager of the product development department.

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