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For the last two days I’ve had the pleasure of participating in the STAR Global Conference 2016 in wonderful Prague ( Even though the weather at this time of the year is not the most pleasant for enjoying the possibilities of the city, I’ve greatly enjoyed the interaction with talented and passionate CFD specialists, who with their own contribution are making the improvements of the future. The exploration of the city itself shall be its own story.

At the very beginning of the conference we heard about design trends. The points of view outlined are answers to the increasing need to make more out of the designs we create. Basically the idea is to create more efficient products faster and cheaper. It would be foolish not to have those ambitions in the world we live in nowadays. Energy is being consumed in ever growing amounts to the detriment of our own and the planets’ health. So why shouldn’t we tackle those issues? There is no reason why.

Luckily I am one of the fortunate ones, who actually are able to contribute. At Elomatic we have been utilising the possibilities of simulations to provide better products and more functional designs for our customers’ needs for years. I believe this will become an even greater focus area in the future. Not only can we provide value for our customers’ business, but we can exploit the latest methods and tools to do so! With CFD the number of possibilities is endless. By doing the things we are good at, we can help our customers to make their way towards the best possible future. Let us simulate it for you.


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Heidi Niskanen

Ph.D. (Technical Physics) - Heidi Niskanen has been working for Elomatic for several years. Currently she is a lecturer in Turku University of Applied Sciences.

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