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Additive Manufacturing

Authors Petri Seppänen, Atte Rättylä
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Improving products layer by layer

Text: Petri Seppänen and Atte Rättyä


Petri Seppänen

M.Sc. , (Mechanical Engineering), B.Eng (Automotive) - Before joining Elomatic in 2015, Petri Seppänen worked as a technical consultant in the automotive sector (Consulted OEMs and tier-1 component suppliers) and at the Aalto University as a member of the fuel cell development team. Since 2008, Seppänen has researched, developed and commercialised new technoloies for everyday use. Seppänen is specialised in multibody simulations (MBS) and optimisation (parametric and non-parametric). Additive manufacturing is a natural sequel to his previous areas of specialisation.

Atte Rättylä

M.Sc , (Energy effiency / Fluid dynamics) - Atte Rättyä has been working as a fluid dynamics consultant for three years. He has experience in power plant, mixing and electronics cooling simulations. In many cases, the simulations have included complex physics like non-Newtonian fluids, multiphase flows, and compressible flows. He is keenly interested in topology optimisation and additive manufacturing.

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