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Lean manufacturing is back

Author Mika Kuhmonen
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Numerous tools, principles and technologies are available for production development when action is called for. Since the days of Frederic Taylor and Henry Ford, production development has always found new ways to maintain productivity in changing business environments. A large number of principles and approaches have been developed and applied to develop production further. One of the most commonly used is Lean.
Mika Kuhmonen

Ph.D. , Production Engineering - Mr Kuhmonen has gained extensive experience in discrete manufacturing development internationally and domestically since his graduation (M.Sc.) in 1993. He has participated in numerous factory development projects in Europe, USA and Asia implementing e.g. Lean manufacturing, Theory of Constraints on shop floors, and order-delivery processes. Mr Kuhmonen has held positions from production expert to global development executive and joined Elomatic in 2010.

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